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Choosing Baby Toys and Children’s Toys

Sometimes, choosing just the right toys for kids can seem quite overwhelming. There are so many toys to choose from and we are constantly bombarded with ads for the latest gadget or licensed product. At they believe toys which foster children’s creativity, encourage use of their imaginations and build confidence in their own abilities will be treasured by both children and their parents alike. Here are some tips they have put together to help when choosing toys for kids:

Choose Age Appropriate
Baby Toys

We have all made the mistake of buying baby toys which we like the look of but which are just too advanced for the baby or child. Often, the result of this is that the child becomes disinterested in the toy due to the fact it is beyond their capabilities. By the time they are developmentally ready for the toy, due to a negative experience with it to start with, they may still be reluctant to embrace it. Most toys have an age recommendation which makes choosing easier, particularly when buying for someone else’s child. Peanut Gallery has a “help me choose” gift selector which lists various age groups to assist with choosing the right age appropriate children’s gifts.


Choose Toys in the Child’s Areas of Interest

There is little point buying dolls for little girls who would rather play with toy trucks or tool sets for little boys who would be happier painting. Most children exhibit clear messages indicating the types of play which most appeal to them. If, for example, your child enjoys role playing and making up stories, toys such as farms, dolls houses and home corner toys are likely to be popular. If your child finds it difficult to engage in imaginative play but prefers active play, then toys such as quoits, bowling and musical instruments may be better suited. Peanut Gallery’s gifts are divided into categories to help their customers choose just the right toy for their child’s area of interest. These categories are also included in the “help me choose” gift selector to help customers choose toys by both age and category.

Choose Gifts Fit for the Purpose Intended  

This may sound obvious however often we have a fairly good idea of how children’s toys will be used and, even if this is not how we would like them to be used, we still go ahead and buy them. For example, there is little point buying a mechanical tool kit requiring batteries if there is a strong likelihood the tool kit will end up in the sand pit within days. If this is likely to be the case, it is preferable to choose a tool set which is designed for outdoor use. Similarly, if you have wooden floor boards and don’t like the idea of your child scooting around on a plastic ride-on which is likely to scratch the floor, then choose a ride-on with rubber wheels which is less likely to cause damage. If we don’t consider the likely usage the toy will get (within reason!) and it turns out to be undesirable, it is fairly likely the gift will be put in a cupboard and not used.

Choose Unlicensed Toys for Babies and Young Children

Once kids get older, it is very difficult to avoid buying the latest character based toys since kids are much more aware of, and exposed to, branding. For young children, however, we believe it is much better to buy toys which are not dominated by known characters. This allows children to form their own opinions, develop their own characters and story lines and basically build their own creativity without having preconceived ideas placed upon them through their toys.

Choose Quality
Baby Toys Which Will Last

It is sometimes tempting to choose lots of gifts from $2 shops rather than one quality toy because it feels like you are getting more for your money. Many cheap, plastic baby toys simply do not last, however, and some can even be dangerous. Choosing quality
baby toys designed to stand the test of time often results in better value since they can be played with many times over and passed on to younger siblings.     

Note: The tips expressed herein are provided by Peanut Gallery and intended to be a guide only.












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