About the Royal Flying Doctor Service

The Royal Flying Doctor Service has offered great medical services that have impacted many lives in a span of 90years. They have enabled quality medical care for all individuals living, working or travelling in Australia. It’s therefore essential to learn more about this great organization.


The (RFDS) Royal Flying Doctor Service has a mission which entails providing quality aeromedical and general health care services to all individuals across the continent. Their aim is ensuring quality medical care is accessible to all regardless of their status in society, political affiliations and religious beliefs. The RFDS believes everyone deserves emergency health care through emergency medical services 24 hours a day. This is possible through the use of qualified medical personnel, supporters, volunteers and communication channels. The team is spread out across 24 bases located in various parts of the country to reach individuals who need urgent medical care. These services are available on a daily basis to all.


The RFDS team is passionate and dedicated to offering quality medical care to people in the Outback. Their services enable communities in rural locations access to proper healthcare. RFDS strive to serve everyone regardless of their location. Hard work drives and motivates the medical staff knowing well without these services some communities can’t access proper medical treatment on the ground or when faced with emergencies. Saving lives is their goal that’s why the RFDS is in existence to date.


The RFDS offers a variety of health services to peoples staying in rural parts of the country. These services include emergency primary and secondary aeromedical services, Telehealth available 24 hours a day throughout the week 365 days a year. The RFDS ensures general practitioners travel with them while providing health care clinics for medical services. These clinics offer child maternal health, nursing services, and general practice.

Aeromedical Services

The Royal Flying Doctor Service provides medical services 24 hours a day to all people across the nation through the use of aviation and medicine. The team provides health care services regardless of location, landscape or harsh conditions their bound to face in different regions of the country. The team can easily access rural regions and offer health services through the use of aircrafts.


The RFDS depends on donations and volunteers who keep the organisation afloat. This is the only way they’re capable of providing medical services to communities living in remote locations. Without assistance, the organisation wouldn’t have managed to grow and expand over a span of 90years. Funding and donations have enabled the organisation to save lives through emergency services. Organisation