Services Offered by the Royal Flying Doctor Service

The Royal Flying Doctor Service strives to offer quality medical care to all individuals living, working or travelling to Australia. They offer a variety of services including the following.

Emergency Services

The (RFDS) Royal Flying Doctor Service offers 24-hour emergency medical care to patients across the country through the incorporation of aviation services together with medical services. Aircraft use has enabled RFDS to reach patients in remote regions of the continent faster. This has made it easier for RFDS to offer efficient medical services to various individuals spread out in remote locations of the country 24 hours a day.

Health Services

The Royal Flying Doctor Service ensures health services are accessible in the Outback by taking health clinics to these communities. Nurses and other qualified personnel in the medical field offer their services to communities in remote regions. RFDS strives to give great medical care to all regardless of their location.

Dental Services

The Royal Flying Doctor offers oral health services in various parts of the country. Most people living in remote areas of the country don’t have access to quality dental services. The RFDS steps in once in a while reaching out to communities staying in the Outback and offers them quality dental services. RFDS rolls out these services through setting up mobile clinics. They’re sponsored by various bodies including the government a major sponsor of these services throughout the country.


People living in remote areas of the country get quality health services by calling doctor’s form the RFDS. They’re available 24 hours offering consultation services to individuals who can’t get access to quality medical services. Telehealth has helped individuals treat minor health-related problems without physically visiting a health facility for medical services.

Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services are offered by the RFDS to people living in remote areas of the country. Mental health is not accessible to everyone living in Australia especially individuals who live in the rural parts of the country. RFDS offers mental health services in New South Wales, Queensland and Central Australia making sure everyone gets access to mental health services.

Patient Transfers

The RFDS plays a vital role in transferring patients in need of urgent medical attention are transported from one place to another. They ease the burden of transporting patients who need proper medical care to equipped facilities which offer good medical services. Qualified medical personnel is always on call on the ground and in the air while transferring patients making sure patients are comfortable while standing by for any emergency services they may need to perform on patients.

Health Education

The RFDS offers health education in remote regions of the continent. This has enabled people living in rural areas to get access to diet and exercise programmes making them health conscious. These programmes have ensured individuals in remote areas take good care of their health via health programmes offered by RFDS.


The RFDS conducts research involving health services across the country ensuring people are informed of various health complications and their solutions. They conduct research and come up with solutions to medical problems affecting certain areas promoting health care of all Australians regardless of their location.