Saving the School of the Air


The School of the Air was recently saved from permanent closure. The School of the Air was due for closure in 2017. The school works through correspondence and cutting down $23 million required for running the program would have affected many students located in the outback. The government reversed the decision to cut down funding required to run the school after citizens living in remote regions of Australia complained about the adverse effects it would have on their children’s education. Many families staying in remote Australia heavily rely on the program for their children to access education. If the government had gone forward and cut funding, many families would be distraught due to lack of schools in their locality.

Factors that Led to the Closure

The decision to close the School of the Air was made by the government citing major debt and deficit. Mr. McGowan who’s the premier insisted that the government wouldn’t be able to fund the program due to lack of funds. He insisted that these services be offers by School of Isolated and Distance Learning based in Perth. Little did he know there would be a major outcry by individuals and families located in the outback. The government quickly made a decision to reinstate the program due to complaints from various families depending on the program for basic education. McGowan who is the premiere together with the minister of education Sue Ellery called the members of the press and made a public apology for the wrongful closure of the School of the Air.

Petition to Save the School

A petition attracting 32,000 signatures was made by Vince Catania. This petition made the government reconsider the closure of the program saying they’d get funding through other means. This was a great relief for most families located in remote Australia as their children would still get access to education with ease. Mr. McGowan and Sue Ellery who’s in charge of education realized the blunder they’d made by citing the timing was wrong.

Reversal and Saving of the School

Families located in the outback are relieved after the program was reinstated. The government was harshly criticized for putting some of their citizens in a difficult position where they couldn’t be able to access education which is a basic right for all. The leader of the opposition Mike Nahan condemned this inhumane decision by the government to try to cut short dreams of many students in remote parts of the country for a whole month. The secretary Toni Walkington of the Community Public Sector Union WA noted that the government’s decision had to be looked into so that benefiting communities don’t get affected in the future. The program will ensure that children in the outback will keep receiving quality education regardless of their location. Parents to such children won’t have to worry about getting access to education for their children or travelling for miles on end to acquire education. It’s a great reprieve the program was reinstated and we hope it lasts to promote quality education to children located in the outback.