School of the Air Locations

School of the Air is known to cater for the primary and secondary education needs of children in remote and outback Australia. The population in these areas is too small for a conventional school. Traditional radio has been replaced by internet technology. Schools of the Air are located in different areas. In this section, we look at some of the locations in details.

Mount Isa, Queensland

Mount Isa is a city located in the Gulf region of Queensland, Australia. With a population of 21,998, Mount Isa is the administrative, industrial and commercial centre for the north-western region. The City of Mount Isa covers 43,188 km and extends 188 km to the north-west of Mount Isa and about 12 km from the Northern Territory. It is home to the School of the Air, a unique way of schooling students in Australia in the less populated areas.

Charters Towers, Queensland

Charter Towers is a town located in the Northern Queensland, Australia. It is one of the School of the Air location where children and the community can access individualized program as part of their education system. It is located 134 km south-west of Townsville on the Flinders Highway.

Longreach, Queensland

Longreach town is situated in the Central West Queensland, Australia. It is approximately 700 km from the coastline and named after the famous Thomson River in which it is situated. It is home to Longreach School of the Air which is committed to providing children with a balanced education environment in the region.

Charleville, Queensland

In the Shire of Murweh, Queensland, Australia is Charleville town which is 683 km west of Brisbane. It is the largest town of the Shire of Murweh. In this region is the Charleville School, a Public School that offers excellent educational services to learners from Prep to Year 10 in remote areas of Queensland and beyond.

Cairns, Queensland

Cairns city is located in the Cairns Region Queensland, Australia. The city is the 5th in terms of population and is on the east coast of Far North Queensland. It is home to Cairns School of Distance Education, a state school that offers educational services to school-based and home-based students from kindergarten to year 12.

Katherine, Northern Territory

Katherine town is located in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is named after the Katherine River below the Top End that is 320 km southeast of Darwin. Katherine School of the Air is located in Katherine region covering an area of 310, 000 sq. mi. The school boasts of its education system and has the world’s largest classroom.

Alice Springs, Northern Territory

The area around Alice Springs includes the MacDonnell Ranges and its part of the Central Ranges xeric scrub. In this region is the Alice Springs School of the Air that covers approximately 1.3 million square kilometers in the Northern Territory, the eastern area of Western Australia and the northern area of South Australia.

Broken Hill, New South Wales

Broken Hill is described as a mining city located in the west of outback New South Wales. Australia. It is situated over 1,100 km west of Sydney and surrounded by a semi-desert. In this area is Broken Hill School of the air that provides isolated children with the opportunity to have an outstanding learning experience.

Tibooburra, New South Wales

Located in the northwest of New South Wales, Australia is Tibooburra city which is home to great a variety of tourist attractions. It is located about 1,187 km from the capital, Sydney. Tibooburra Outback School of the Air is a unique education institution found in this area to provide services to children and local residents.

Port Hedland, Western Australia

Port Hedland is located in Pilbara region, Western Australia and it’s the second largest town in Australia. In this area, we have Port Hedland School of the Air (PHSOTA) that provides education to isolated children up to Year 7 who are within 560 000 square kilometers and have no access to a normal school.

Port Augusta, South Australia

Port Augusta city is situated in South Australia that features a railway on the east coast of Spencer Gulf about 322 km north of the state capital. It is also home to Port Augusta School of the Air, an educational institution where students can be able to access education in remote areas.

Kimberley, Western Australia

Out of the nine regions in Western Australia, Kimberley is located in the northernmost region bordering the Indian Ocean on the west and the Northern Territory on the east. Kimberley School of the Air is part of this region and it spreads across an area of 450,000 sq. km. It offers education to children from the kindergarten to Year 7.

Carnarvon, Western Australia

On the north of Perth, Western Australia is Carnarvon town that lies at the mouth of the Gascoyne River. Students in this region are scattered within a 500 km radius and cannot access normal education services. Carnarvon School of the Air has established education services to save the situation in the isolated areas in this region.

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Kalgoorlie is a city found in the Goldfields region of Western Australia. It is located about 595 km east of Perth. It is one of the unique locations with Kalgoorlie School of the Air being part of the community to provide an effective learning environment for children in the area.

Meekatharra, Western Australia

Meekatharra is a town located in the Mid-West of Western Australia. It is known as a supply centre for pastoral and mining carried out in the Murchison region. It is also a regional home to the School of the Air to serve the educational needs of the children and the rest of the community.

Having known the location of every School of the Air in the area, it is simple to identify one that is close to your area and enroll your children. All the schools aim to cater for educational needs of children in the isolated areas in Australia.